Teacher Profiles

 Teacher Profiles

Leonie Burgess OAM

I started dancing at 11 years old and competed in my first championship at 16 years old. This was also the age I started teaching. Nowadays I am the principal teacher and owner of the Garrick Stewart School of Highland Dancing. I have developed some great relationships over the year through highland dancing. I love teaching and being able to pass on my knowledge and passion to anyone interested in learning.


SOBHD World Wide Panel Adjudicator 
VSDA Teacher and Examiner
BATD Teacher and Fellow

Dancing achievements:

Received OAM for services to Highland Dancing
36 top three placings in Championships
Over 200 trophies and 500 medals from local and international competitions
Five time winner of the Royal Merle Marten Trophy
Five time winner of the John Ogg Trophy
Twice Sir Lyell McEwin Scholarship winner
Commonwealth Games show in Edinburgh
Performed on Mustard TV and the Channel 10 morning show Brigadoon stage production by Mayfair Theatre and Marie Clark Singers



I started dancing at age 3, in fact my family always laugh and say to me I could dance before I could properly spell my own name.  I love Highland Dancing, it has and always will be my passion and life.  I love performing and seeing the audience captured by our feet, arm movements and smiles.  Highland Dancing is something special and to be able to perform, compete and then to teach and pass my knowledge on and watch as our students learn and grow is really my dream come true. 


VSDA and BATD teacher


Danced as part of the OzScot Australian Highland Dancing team in Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2004 and 2007,  Oman Military Tattoo in 2005,  Edinburgh Military Tattoo 'Salute To Australia' in 2005 and 2010 and  Nova Scotia International Tattoo in 2008 and 2011 and 3 other Tattoos in Sydney.
Won over 150 trophies and 500 medals in competitions
Many top 6 Championship placings
Overall 8th in Day 1 Championship at Champion of Champions
Winner of Royal Merl Marten Trophy
Sir Lyell McEwin Scholarship winner
Danced in Brigadoon stage production with Marie Clark Singers


Started Dancing: Age 5

Favourite Dancing Moment: I have two. Placing top six in one of the dances at Champion of Champions 2006 in Adelaide. Standing on stage with the medal in front of so many people was so exciting and rewarding. The other was receiving the letter that said I had become a newly qualified dance teacher.

Dancing Dreams: Running my own school and being able to watch my students grow and achieve their goals as my teachers have watched me.


Started Dancing: Age 3

Favourite Dancing Memory: I have many, from competing interstate, performing at special occasions such as Anzac Day Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions and seeing the joy in peoples faces when they see me dance.

Dancing Dreams: It is my hope and dream that younger generations have the opportunity to experience the incredible opportunities and rewards that Highland Dancing has to offer. Now I am teaching, I am able to share this with my students.


Katherine Williamson-Cameron


VSDA teacher


Twice performer at Glenelg Tattoo
Performed in Brigadoon with May Theatre production
Performed at Anzac Day ceremonies, Australia Day events, and Caledonian nights held in Adelaide
Very successful dancer winning numerous trophies and medals

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